My Quilts

Forest Tangles

A combination of my hand painted cottons and bought commercial cottons. Applique. Started at a workshop at Ballarat, Victoria with tutor Jane Sassaman. Workshop “Abstracting from Nature” 2012.

28 x 29 inches.

Art Quilt Original Denise Burkitt Design

Memories of my Solo Road Trip around Australia

Inspired by so many of natures treasures on my 2009 road trip around Australia over ten months.

My hand painted cottons and lino block prints on cotton. Depicting Jelly Fish, Sea Horses, Sea Anemones, Coral, Oyster Shells, Seed Pods, Pandanus Pods, Palm Fronds, Coloured Earth.

Outside Border of lino block prints on fabric pieced together representing the changing colours of roads.

35 x 35 inches

Art Quilt Original Denise Burkitt Design


Design composition inspired by the emotional stimulation of joining a two day class in Dorrigo, New South Wales at the Misty Threads annual patchwork retreat. The focus was free cutting and piecing smaller blocks then joining the various sizes together. I started with blocks but unlike the others I went with large curved pieces and improvised as I worked.

Workshop with Lisa Walton “Fantastic Fusion” 2016.

Combination of my hand dyed, hand painted and overdyed bought commercial cottons collected from second hand shops on my travels.

57 x 31 inches

Art Quilt Original Denise Burkitt Design

Sunrise though the Trees

Inspired by the morning sunlight through the dense trees in many bush settings where I have stayed overnight when travelling.

I created a landscape with the background piecing, working from light to dark diagonally, then sewed verticle strips with raw edges.

My hand painted cotton.

39 x 29 inches

​Art Quilt Original Denise Burkitt Design

My first Quilt

This was my first attempt at piecing
and quilting in 2008.

My hand printed, hand dyed
and block prints on cotton.

Single size Bed Cover

My Verandah

Pieced with tiny pieces of fabric to create a mosiac applique.

Combination of my hand dyed cotton and bought commercial cottons.

10 x 8 inches

Art Quilt Original Denise Burkitt design

In the Shade

Colours Inspired by many beautiful landscapes in Western Queensland. Scene from photograph supplied by tutor. Technique learnt at workshop with Lorraine Carthew, 2010.

My hand painted and dyed cotton, in a mosaic applique.

18 x 16 inches

Art Quilt Original Denise Burkitt design

Tenant Creek

Inspired by the “Wirey Trees” which always fascinate me, and the Bitumen Road. Was on a very long journey from Brisbane to Darwin to Alice Springs, Northern Territory, in 1982. I got a taste for travelling in wide open remote areas on this my very first trip, driving with a friend in a small two door car and camping in a tent at night.

Screen printed, hand painted and blockprinted. Applique of fringed heshion around diamond red shapes. Background fabric is linen. Entered into a competition at Alice Springs Fibre and Arts Association, 1984. Received a “Highly Commended” $500 prize. Sold at Exhibition.

76 x 46 inches

Art Quilt Original Denise Burkitt design.

Bush Companions

Inspired by the country bush setting on a property I was house sitting at Brooloo, Queensland in 2017.

Hand painted on cotton.
Quilted by Carol Ann Young Mc Candless, from USA.

43 x 18 inches

Art Quilt Original Denise Burkitt design

I am teaching fabric painting workshops.

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