My Art

I intuitively Paint and Sketch on Paper and Fabric

I mostly use Watercolour Paints on paper and Fabric Inks on Cotton.

Watercolours because I like the pigment they have. Often, I use charcoal, usually from the campfire when I am staying in my motorhome in bush settings. I have painted from ochres I have crushed from soft coloured rocks which I sift and add to glue to paint with.

The more challenging the medium the more rewarded I feel sometimes. Sometimes I experiment using things I find on the ground to use as mark making instruments.

I enjoy the idea of recycling everything for another purpose. Where ever I am from day to day, I am highly aware of textures, pattern, shapes and the light.

However, I am at my most creative, when I am amongst nature. I rarely plan what I intend to do on paper, it’s usually an idea that presents a mark or image in my mind. When that feeling for creativity arises I can’t start quick enough and it’s difficult for me to stop painting.

One idea leads to another and another and creating colour combinations becomes addictive and completely absorbing.

I am teaching fabric painting workshops.

Are you interested?