Inspired by all in Nature

One big Art Excursion!

When I’m travelling there is so much to be inspired by everyday with the changes in scenery, weather and ways of life. It’s a simpler life. Sometimes you still need to take time to pay bills and do paperwork. There is always stopping to refuel, to get water and food. However, the daily chores and errands that occupy our life at home are less consuming on the road. There’s time to daydream and have prolonged thoughts around creative ideas. At home my creativity is interrupted by more daily happenings, the lawn needs mowing, paperwork, and appointments.

People have called me a free or an adventurous spirit! I love the freedom of being on the road, and I have a love of wide open spaces. I’m curious and intuitive by nature to explore my natural surroundings. I enjoy the unknown of where I’m going to end up each day. It could be beside a river, a creek, dam or amongst the bush or a beach somewhere.
I adore animals, and being amongst nature.

​​​Emu footprints in the sand, on the beach at Potato Point, New South Wales, 2016.

I think of my journey as an Art Excursion.​

Exploring my surroundings, I intuitively notice interesting shapes, textures and colour combinations. Always of interest to me are the shapes and textures of seedpods, leaves, flowers, bark, animal bones, branch shapes, shells, seaweed and driftwood. Just a few of the treasures on my radar depending where I am fossicking.

Often my creativity is sparked by

The emotional stimulation revealed in me by my surroundings. I might be relaxed, enthused, subdued, excited, moved, or a combination. It’s this sensory connection that inspires the seeds of creativity. I feel full contentment when absorbed doing painting, drawing or doodling outside on a table listening to the movement of insects and chattering of bird sounds. Smelling the wafting scents of my surrounds and hearing the rustling sounds of leaves in the breeze.

So many things inspire my senses…old buildings, rusty old iron sheds and wonky timber barns are a source of interest and inspiration. Old rusty machinery, wire and barrels are often fascinating because of the settings in which they have been abandoned, long grass or by the road.

Letterboxes in the country amuse me, they have such character, half falling over and made of all sorts of odd materials. Gates and decorative entrances evoke invitation to explore. And occasionally things left by the side of the road, busted tyre bits, old car wrecks, and even the road and sides of road have stories to tell and inspire pattern ideas.

I have travelled extensively throughout Australia. In 2017 in-between my journey, I stopped for days and weeks house sitting at eight rural properties. I encountered some varieties of animals I had had little knowledge of including Peacocks, Horses, Llamas, Alpacas, Chickens and, Pet Kangaroos.

I loved these experiences and house sitting was a welcome occasional break from being on the road. It gave me space to set up my sewing machine and the use of electricity I needed to iron my hand painted fabrics. I spent hours exploring ideas, painting fabric, sewing and quilting. There were also plenty of lovely walks and more exploring on these large properties.

Mount Slowcombe near Yaraka Western Queensland

​​​Mount Slocombe Lookout, at Sunset looking towards Yang Yang Ranges, near Yaraka, Western Queensland.

I am teaching fabric painting workshops.

Are you interested?