About Denise

Denise Burkitt is an Australian Fabric Designer
 for Freespirit Fabrics USA.

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My Story

My life’s journey has been through my creative exploration. Having recognised my passionate soul, I am following my instincts  completely.

I have found my lifelong aspiration  and now that is coming to fruition, I am filled with an inner sense of contentment. More


I am inspired by immersing myself amongst the stillness in Nature. Always accutely aware of my surroundings, I observe light, colour, shapes and textures.

When I am travelling with natural surrounds my creativity is abundant. I express this by painting on fabric and on paper. More


Inspiration Gallery

Having journeyed extensively for long periods of time around Australia and overseas, I often feel I am on one big Art Excursion. By taking loads of photographs and capturing the moment I am aware of the emotions and stimulous being evoked, which sparks my inner creativity. More

I am teaching fabric painting workshops.

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